Hi, so I made a Reddit account just so I could get help with this shit, I am stuck on what to put next in the plot of my story.

It's a story about a woman, Silva returning to her home town with her wife Mila and their three kids. Helia(Mila's son, and Silva's step kid. 13-14 years old) plus the twins, Patula/Patty and Lium/Lili(Silva's children and Mila's stepkids. 9-10 years old). Silva was hesitant to return but Mila insisted so they could start a new life with their kids, so Silva agreed. Unfortunately, it isn't too long before the twins are lured into the forest, situated near the house and lead away by the fae of the woods. So, Mila, Silva, and Helia go into the forest to try and find then rescue them.

I'm not sure what they could run into that would be incredibly dangerous, I've been researching fae lore but there isn't a lot I can work with. It talks about a lot of different types of fae, but despite them being dangerous creatures to play with with it's hard to think of obstacles. I did think of splitting the party, but it still doesn't fix my issue of what do I put in their way.

Meanwhie, the twins are trapped in Faerie Revels. While Lium is a bit more on the reckless side and wants to play, Patula is a bit more cautious and doesn't want any part of the games, food, etc…She tries to keep her brother out of trouble, that doesn't work, and she angrily leaves him to his own devices. Regardless, she gets wrapped into a dangerous game with a faerie from the unseelie court(essentially more malevolent). Meanwhile, Lium realizes his sister is in trouble far too late and is wrapped up in his own competition that he has to get out of. My issue here is I don't know what exactly kind of "games" or challenges they could face, it's difficult for me to try and come up with stuff since there really isn't much in faerie lore that would give me solid ideas.

Any advice or ideas would be greatly appreciated, if you'd like a bit more detail then pls ask. Thank you!

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