I made a post asking this question and there seemed to be some confusion. My genre is fantasy. I realize that most coma patients don’t wake up if it’s been longer than a few weeks. I’ve done my research so I’m not looking for facts or more information about comas. This might seem rude and unnecessary but I’m looking for actual advice. If you’re confused by something I said then feel free to ask questions. I don’t need some arrogant know-it-all who tries to point out all the ways you’re wrong but doesn’t have anything useful to add.

My protagonist fell into a coma at a young age and didn’t wake up until she was around 15-17 years old. There’s a reason for this but that’s not the point. This isn’t a, “How do I portray a child who basically wakes up in the body of someone much older than them and everyone they know is different? “ question. More like “Is there a way to write this without it becoming the main focus?”

I wrote a different version where my protagonist wakes up after a few weeks and I’ll most likely go with that. If I decide to chuck my original idea, and I’ll be honest, I came up with that one after a long week of sleep deprivation. I’m more curious about how someone else might deal with it.

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