Help on understanding a line in the count of Monte Cristo.


I am reading for a second time the Count of Monte Cristo. It has occurred to me the first appearance of the personal title of “Count of Monte Cristo” comes in a peculiar form. It appears as a recollection seen in the passage below, however there had been no previous mention of the name. It was clear that Franz met Edmond under the name Sinbad the Sailor, but no one had yet used the name Count of Monte Cristo so far as I can tell. I’m trying to come up with an understanding for this but I cannot. If anyone can help offer some translation or perhaps explanation which isn’t so literal I would appreciate it.


Chapter 33 Roman Bandits (nearer the end)

“Sinbad the Sailor.“ he said.

“Yes“, replied the narrator; “That was the name the traveler gave to Vampa as his own.”

“Well and what may you have to say against this name?“ inquired Albert; “It is a very pretty name, and the adventures of the gentleman of that name amused me very much in my youth, I must confess.” – – Franz said no more. The name of Sinbad the Sailor, as may well be supposed, awakened in him a world of recollections, as had the name of the Count of Monte Cristo on the previous evening.


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