Help! Panay News (Philippines Online Newspaper) has stolen my article without credit


Hello, I'm a table tennis coach in France, the founder of

Recently, when I search for the keyword "table tennis skills" on Google, I found that:

Panay News ( )has copied and my original article "10 Fundamental Skills for Modern Table Tennis | PingSunday" and published as a paid online News Papers (, without any credit to the original source. They didn't ask me for the permission, but just copy all the article and publish to their newspaper site (paid).

Here is our original article: (First published on 18 Mars 2018)

And here is the newspaper (paid link): (They stole it on 22 Mars 2018)

Proof, they just copied my article:

Original article:

First published on 18 Mars 2018

and google ranks this copy-cat news paper

We do believe that their article infringes on our rights. How to do?

Really really crazy! People just steal someone's work and publish on newspaper.

Source: reddit post


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