Thanks for reading, any ideas are welcome. Heres a synopsis as short as possible: The main character Joey lives in the city as a struggling artist. He works part time at a restaurant when he is fired for his own clumsy actions. He will have to move back in with his parents if he doesn’t get money for rent. While a bar with his roommate he finds a note in his bag and it reads “come to this location on this day to participate in a life changing experiment. Will pay 5,000 dollars” He goes to this place and there are 7 other people waiting in a conference room. He meets this woman named Laura and explains she got the invitation while at the hospital taking care if her sick father. A scientist and her colleges enter the room and explain that they are testing a machine that sends harmless waves to the brain to help cure depression. They will also pay the participants money for testing this machine. They must stay in the facility for three days and cant go anywhere unless supervised. Joey accepts this and the next day they start testing. Joey is led to the room and put into the machine. The scientist notes that whoever’s in the machine becomes unconscious while it is working but will wake up and feel happier once its done. Joey is suspicious but lets it happen. Some time later he meets up with Laura when its lunch time. Joey tells her how he is very curious and freaked out about what goes on when they are unconscious. Laura brushes him off and tells him to trust the professionals. Joey asks Laura to help him leave his room while another subject is testing and see what happens. Laura reluctantly accepts and joey leaves his room later that day. He sneaks into the test room and sees the participant in the machine with glazed over eyes. The scientist is telling him things to pick up and write and they do as they are told almost as if they were mind controlled. After the session, the scientist gives the person a drug and then waits for them to wake up. Joey sneaks out and back into his room. The next day he tells Laura what he saw and says they’ve been giving everyone drugs while unconscious to make them feel happy but really they are testing a machine that controls their mind.

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So i have a requirement to end the story sort of quickly. I know its pretty complicated and crazy but I’m just really stuck on how to end and wrap it up. Any ideas?

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