Help understanding the Holy Roman Empire Imperial Reforms


So, I'm sort of familiar with the HRE, as much as playing too much EU4 gets me anyway. I find it an interesting set up, interesting enough that I want to include something like it in a story I'm writing.

The precarious political situation seems like its a great source of potential trouble, and I quite like that the limited authority of the Emperor to run things forces the rulers to rely on power and influence from their other titles rather than simply being 'in charge'.

I understand that imperial reforms were aimed at making a more centralized state, but I'm having trouble understanding why any of the nobility would agree to them.

Something like the HRE seems like a system of government for nobility trying to hold onto as many of their own privileges as possible, what would make any of the member states be willing to surrender any of their power to the Emperor?

These reforms are obviously better for the Empire as a whole, but that seems like a feeble inducement to make a medieval noble give up any of his power.

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