So there was another post on this subreddit recently (dont know how to link on movile sorry) who asked for help writing a character with PTSD, and while very insightful the answers made me realize the situation one of my characters is going through is a bit more complicated (at least i think its more complicated).

So character a is contacted by mysterious people who want his help. They provide him convincing evidence and he decides to help. Eventually, the group kidnaps a kid and character a decides the group is too radical so he tries to back out, resulting in his own kidnapping.

The government raids the mysterious groups base of operations, and one member of the group, character b, has begun to agree with character a that they were too radical. Character a has also decided that the government wont be doing positive things to the child either, so a and b escape during the raid and are now also branded as members of the group, so the three of them are also running from the government. This isnt the main part of the story, but a chunk of the over arching plot.

Heres where my question comes in. I wanted character a to go through a big change starting from the moment hes a prisoner. Problem is, rather than the event be something from the past its something he did recently and hes coping through it while running away. I should also mention he was kind of an ordinary person before being branded a criminal. I was thinking of him developing PTSD at the point of kidnapping and then most of the rest of the story hes getting over it slowly. Is there a better or more accurate disorder to develop from something like this (for me to do research on as well)? How would i write a character coping through an event theyre still paying for like this, ptsd or otherwise?

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