I made this template in Airtable, which is basically like an Excel spreadsheet but modified to be an app. To use this, just make an account on Airtable, click the link at the bottom here and hit Copy Base to start using it. (I have no affiliation or link of any kind to the company, I just really dig the software and use it daily.)

I made a few columns to represent one project, but of course you can use one column or 10. I have included 2 Views: monthly and weekly. In Monthly, expand/collapse to see each month or multiple months, and in Weekly, just click Filter and enter the week number of the week you want to track (I'm posting this on 04/13 which is in week 15, so I put 15). I keep the Weekly view as default and check the Monthly at the end of the month as a review. I included some tips that will popup when you mouse over on the exclamation mark bubbles next to some things.

I know there are a ton of spreadsheets and apps for this stuff (trust me, I have tried probably all of them) and I just wanted to share what I have settled on as a simple, clear solution that can be a bookmark in your browser or easily accessible via the Airtable app on your phone. This sub has been immensely helpful to me and I wanted to give a little something back, I hope some of you can make use of it and it helps you! 🤗


P.S. If anyone has suggestions I welcome them but please keep in mind I have tried a lot of modifications and additional stuff, and as I state in the template description, keeping it simple for something like this often the best bet. If you want charts and graphs and all that stuff you will need Blocks, which is a paid feature, and I am a free-tier user.

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