So I have this character that I'm writing and he's supposed to be comedic but I don't know what the line between comedic and annoying is so how do I write a comedic character that isnt annoying?

Edit: I'll just describe my character he name is Adam his parents died when he was young so lived with his aunt and uncle. During this time of grieving he never saw them smile, so one day he made a joke and they laughed. And seeing this smile on their faces made him really happy so he decided he would make people laugh to make them happy. Problem is he's really dumb and doesnt know humor. So as an adult he still tries to get people to laugh but his jokes are just terrible and the actual joke comes from peoples reactions. At one point he even gets one of those shitty joke books and reads them off in a monotone voice. His overarching character arc is him just getting better jokes. (There is more to his character it just isnt that relevant to this post I dont think)

So does he sound like someone who someone would like?

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