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There has been a major pain,

Such as greater but not felt.

Like a warning getting near

Declares it will defeat what's next.

Whisper the right question and it'll open gates.

There's no wolf chasing moons tonight, light vanishes between your gaze.

As you see underneath, no way out.

Never to come back like it was.

Fake untruth sleeps awake, but who am I to say?

What's real and who's next?

My young girl, wise to tell

Rests in the top of my head

Playing minds and tearing laughs

Everyone's alone except the wolves

Grabbing souls like packs

If not alone why you're separeted from everything else?

Some time to reconnect.

Another illusion relays this world

Yet who am i to say?

Overcome every soul is part of it

We were dancing beneath it but fail

Cover it with your own thumbs

Like a warm marble twisting it easy to digest

Keep it inside, don't cry it out loud!

Fake untruth sleeps awake but who am I to say?

My wise young girl dives now inside my head

Warming minds, setting games

Not everyone's alone

Those like wolves had overcomed

Staying reckless for the end

Get into a hurricane, wish don't end up in the same place, switch off.

Now you're out of the game

Games never end

Let in all you care and leave it away

The rain cries but the sun shines

Someone here to tell who am I?

None's back backing you

Innocence's not longer alowed

But if you dare to give it back

Truth reveals itself

But who am I to say?

Truth and lies waiting for it to be catch

No more wisdom, girl's gone

No more minds to play along

No stories for the next song

Those who uncover are far gone…..

Wolf looks for a new pack once is back.

Never to come back like it was.

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