So you can probably guess from the title this is some kind of intro. But it's a little bit more than that even see I'm new to the whole fantasy scene as a whole. See in the past I've only written and read sci-fi, alternate history, historical fiction, action, and political thrillers. Until I decided to go ahead and try something different being fantasy which was untouched for some time without really a reason.

So I decided to get into it. First I needed a clear definition as for what counts as fantasy which I concluded was a story that relied on mystical or fantasy elements opposed to reality or science. After that, I brainstormed some ideas a few of which I've gotten pretty far with. So I'd like to pitch them to see what other fantasy writers think as I'm trying to avoid being too cliche and come with unique ideas to implement.

The first idea I had has the current running title of Warrior's Legacy which I might change since I have the same title of another title for a space opera I'm also working on. But the general idea is the galaxy is comprised of home words and out worlds that beings called mystics once linked threw portals (which will eventually have a unique name as well.). Home world's being the original worlds for each of the races in this universe. For example, earth is considered a homeworld. Each homeworld has wells of power essentially like the fountain of youth but can reward other properties as well. Though a mortal would die drinking from one of these wells for a mortal cannot handle raw power. The Mystics for that reason conceal the exact location of a well on each world. The Mystics are those able to channel and use raw power. Out world's are worlds that were colonized by those who left their homeworlds threw the portals. Now all is good till the age of chaos when wars between the out worlds and homeworlds unfold. Eventually, the mystics try to resolve the fighting by sealing portals to the homeworlds roughly five hundred years before recorded history on earth begins. The connection between the outworlds is left alone. This does not resolve the age of chaos which continues on and eventually the Dark Mystic as he was called by the other Mystics arises to reopen the portals to the homeworld and cease the power wells. He's deemed a violent warlord be his enemies but a carrying ruler by his followers. It is said he had created the Iron King to lead his armies. The Iron King who's body was turned to baloruim a metal that does not age by the Dark Mystic. It is also said the Iron King amounted to great power being able to turn others to metal when the rare metal was available. There was also the Bronze general made out of Aresuim but the properties of that metal made one bloodthirsty and often uncontrollable despite the added benefit of extraordinary killing abilities. So despite the commonality very few Aresuim soldiers were made. Non the less the Dark Mystic formed his empire calling it the empire of the ninth world formed on the ninth colonized out world. Their army was near unbeatable quickly conquering the other out worlds. The mystics needed to find a way to defeat the Dark Mystic before he reached the gate worlds and reopened the portals. So it was proposed to make a new breed of warrior threw a very risky process that only the strong-willed would survive. So they traversed back to earth which had been severed from the outworlds for so long existence of anything outside of earth was long forgotten. So the mystics were careful not to alter the earth's chosen course and took great warriors when they had died then having two moons before their spirits were entirely lost to the afterworld. The process itself involved using raw power to bring out ones warrior spirit developed uniquely based on one's warrior past granting them supernatural powers, armor, and weaponry with their own properties connected to the warrior's spirit. The spent thousands of years developing their army starting from the Akkadians to the samurai of the Edo period with everything in between. Warriors such as Alexander the great and Genghis Khan who had garnered much fame were among what was referred to as the Exalted. They then did battle with the empire of the ninth world. Along a brutal war ensued but the Exalted warriors lead their armies comprised out of numerous races from numerous outworlds that saw the Dark Mystic as a violent tyrant who was out of control after creating the dark races. Many on both sides died but it was one Exalted who had never seen fame on his time on earth who killed the Dark Mystic leading to the break up of the empire of the ninth world. The war ended the Exalted divided up the outworlds among themselves for personal rule. The Iron King and his Iron soldiers went into hiding. The Bronze general became a mercenary.

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That's the back around the main plot revolves around a new threat no one but a few mystics believe exists known as the Golden Ones. These Golden ones see freedom as chaos that must be destroyed and replaced with order being total submission and uniformity. However, they are very few and really on a cult of followers to one day establish the final order. They are very powerful and have threw covert means pushed the war of the exalted that is going on when the main plot begins essentially the exalted turn on each other. So the mystics believe they need to exalted to bring reunification and destroy the golden ones. They return to earth which is in the modern era at this point and they grab nine former soldiers all American to do this. Essentially the nine will go on this quest to unite the exalted and try to stop the Final Order from arising.

Idea two is a lot shorter of an idea to explain essentially an American soldier from world war one finds a mystical stone that makes him immortal. He goes through one hundred years of military service before retiring distraught with fighting wars. This is only to discover he isn't immortal and if he doesn't win the next war it could mean the end of everything he believes in. It's mainly about his internal struggles in the first book I have planned exploring what a man who's seen so much violence and pain would be like.

Idea three is, in my opinion, the most interesting yet least thought threw. So a portal to another dimension is revealed. The other dimension is a world based on the medieval/ancient periods of earth. I haven't decided if it's inhabited by elves or humans. However, they have fantasy elements like mages and dragons to name a few but also alchemy that works. And a bunch of untapped natural resources like oil. With the addition of a new resource, I'm brainstorming. In fear of another age of imperialism that could lead to a deadly conflict in the outer realm, laws are put in place prohibiting any Earth military from setting foot on the outer realm. However, trading posts and resource reserves are regularly targeted by bandits and even get targetted in wars that break out pretty regularly in this realm. So a loop whole in the form of PMCs is discovered. Private Military corporations are hired to act as security for the reserves but as time goes on the begin to exert political influence over nations in the outer realm and tensions between PMCs form. One King of a northern nation sees that if he doesn't modernize his people will be in grave danger. So he travels to earth to seek a terran as their called with honor and loyalty that would be willing to show him the ways of Terran warfare. One former Delta Force Operator named Jackson Taylor who happened to be the driver selected to show the king around ends up in this position. See he was selected from the berets by Delta so he feels its his duty and way of redemption having done controversial work as a mercenary to help preserve these peoples independence as free the oppressed is the motto of the green berets. So he's faced with the challenges of modernizing a very medieval/antiquity esk military while then having to play in the political games with rival nations and PMCs as he has his own internal strife to deal with.

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So those are the current stories I'm developing as my first written fantasy stories curious how they sound to other people.

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