For. The. Longest. Time.

We have used the spear in an effective capacity to hunt and fight since before recorded history.

Yes, there were other inventions which were formidable, like the bow and then the sword. But these weapons require many many hours of practice and very good materials and skilled craftsmen to create.

When we watch movies, they often use the sword in battle or some other weapon. But when soldiers train together, the spear was the most effective weapon to be used in formation.

The benefits of a spear are that it is very easy to use, very easy to make and very cheap. Minimal hours of input for maximum output. Perfect in so many ways with so little flaws. Very good when used in coordination with others, this covers its weaknesses.

Even in the Renaissance, you had firearms, cavalry and halberdiers. Like games of Rock, paper , scissors. Cavalry > Firearms (at the time) Firearms > Halberdiers Halberdiers > Cavalry

Then finally, the firearm came to prominence as the dominant weapon of choice… for a comparable speck of time… before WW2

We saw 2 cities evaporate. And decided to better keep the atom bomb as a mere threat. Never to be actually used. Hopefully.

Timeline: Spear____ 1 million years! Used to effect up the asses of US GIs in the Vietnam War. Astounding.

Firearm__ 1364-present. About 600 years dominant.

Nuclear__1945-present. Powerful enough to never need anything else. Effectively until forever.

The spear was dominant for almost 2000 times longer than the firearm was.

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