Here's the full intro. The parts I'm most concerned about involve the Native peoples (in bold). I want to make sure everything is accurate and respects the people whose cared for the land for millennia before the settlers arrived.

I would like to change the word "Indians" to "Natives" but beyond that I don't know any part of Texas or Native history. If you could help fact-check I would be much appreciated!

This whole area was once under water….Almost still looks like it… After that, there was a period when dinosaurs roamed over the place….I used to be fascinated by dinosaurs when I was a kid……a lot of kids were. Recently, the bones of a woman, who lived 20,000 years ago, were found here. They nicknamed her "Midland Minnie".

The first inhabitants here referred to themselves simply as "the people". Other groups they came in contact with were referred to as "friends." Texas comes from the Caddoan word for friend. However, the Caddo were among the first to be wiped out by early white settlers. A group of Spanish settlers offered the Indians a chance to become slaves. The Indians thought about it…..decided it was not a good idea, and killed the Spaniards.

The Spaniards were fighting the Mexicans

The Mexicans fought the "Americans"

The "Americans" were fighting the Wichitas

The Wichitas were fighting the Tankowas

The Tankowas fought the Comanches

The Comanches fought everyone

Meanwhile, most of the people who lived here spoke Spanish. Covert military operations to seize Texas for the U.S of A were begun in 1835. Eventually they did get Texas. Land grabbers, railroad companies moved in. The economy boomed. Some people got rich. First on cotton…..then cattle….then oil…and now…..microelectronics! The silicon-based transistor was first proposed here, in 1949. In 1958, Mr. Jack Kilby invented the integrated circuit. He was working at Texas Instruments then. He doesn't work there anymore.

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