I noticed my villain became a bit too powerful to be defeated by normal means. My villain's ability can be best summarised by this quote from cowboy bebop:

"This blue eye percieves all things conjoined. The past, the future, and the present. Everything flows and all is connected. This eye is not merely seen reality. It is touching the truth."

The villain of my story is the pope of the holy city of the empire, also referred to as "the 21st century schizoid man". Over the past years, he had been pushing his organization into isolationism. He is rather reclusive and paranoid man, almost never appearing himself to the outside world, but when he does he will wear a he will wear a white satin cloth head covering like these guys and an iron mask over it, every inch of his body covered in thick robe with no inch of skin showing. Because of his influence, his face with his mask had been minted on the empire's official coin, though a lot of people noted the creepiness of his choice of behavior, they can't openly criticize him because he is a very powerful person. However, unbeknownst to the public, he had been secretly manipulating the empire itself from the inside and was cause the Panthos empire to go to war with another continent while taking this opportunity to annex neighbor kingdom and spread his influence

His psychic ability also allow him to have "eyes" everywhere. Every picture, every interpretation, every shape that had been molded to resemble him in his official clothing are mini "avatars" of himself, meaning that he able to "see" what these "avatars" had experienced and with all the information, he is able to process the prediction for the present and the incoming future. He will then use said prediction of the future to manipulate fate to his ideal

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