Nazi symbolism is pretty well-known at the point in history except that their symbols were inspired by (or to be more accurate, more likely to be copied by) other cultures – the most obvious one is the Nazi Swastika which is actually an Eastern symbol which has various meanings behind it and in contrast to the symbolism of the Nazi swastika as the symbol of fascism and Aryan supremacy, the swastika in Eastern tradition is associated with the divine ranging from symbols that are meant to be used to represent strength and protection., or used as a symbol associated with health and rebirth.

Another example is the use of Norse runes in some of the Nazis' military ranks –

  • the symbol for the SS is a Sig rune which is associated with the sun or "victory".

-a Waffen-SS division Nordland used the Jer rune which was associated with the goddess Freya, the goddess of love, beauty, sorcery, fertility and even war and death

  • the Tyr symbol which is associated with the god Tyr, the god of war and bravery and justice and law, was used as the badge of the SS Recruiting and Training Department, as well as the emblem of the Waffen-SS division “30 Januar”

I can understand why they probably used Norse symbolism as Norse ancestory is a part of the German culture but I do not understand why or how the Nazis adopted these symbols and gave them their own meaning especially when the most recognisable symbol of the Nazis is actually a completely different symbol with a completely different meaning behind it in the East

Source: reddit post


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