This may be an odd and strange question, especially as a 20 year old man who was just a kid only 10-15 years ago, but while I do have my good childhood memories, beyond the silly little mistakes I made in life, I honesty don't remember the specific little things I remember from being a kid.

Whether it'd be the way I looked at the world (not just "Oh, yeah, I'm not a stressed out adult who's bombarded with the news and life in general, so the world's fine in my eyes") to how I viewed adults (I don't remember much beyond believing that they got it all figured out), I want to at least make a believable or, perhaps, even likable kid character that's not overtly annoying and unrealistic. Lilo from Lilo and Stitch and Hogarth Hughes from The Iron Giant come to mind, but that's about it. I also want to make him an arguably important character to the story and not an extra pointless little character.

I'm writing for an 8-year-old character that's not the main character, but is actually the main character's son. Naturally, the kid's important to my main character, especially since my main character's a single father.

With all this in mind, what would you guys suggest? What have you guys looked over and researched (without being a creep, of course)? I'm all ears. 🙂

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