I've been using a pen name for my short fiction blog since 2007. I keep my real given name, it's the family change which I've changed. But I'm determined to self-publish an ebook with my favorite stories by the end of this year on Amazon. Afterwards I'll start to send stuff to publishing houses.

The thing is… I'm somehow worried that once I put my pen name on the ebook and I start to get some readers, the pen name will be somehow definitive. What if I happen to regret it? What if I don't like it anymore? Can I ever go back? Have you ever had disquisitions like these? What do you think about? Should I just stick to my real name? I sometimes feel like it.

If you are curious, I changed my real family name because it sounds ugly to me in Spanish (my language) and it's an insult if you read it in British English. Also it's a very weird surname and therefore easy to recognize. I'm kind of a privacy nerd so I didn't like to be so easy recognizable. For my pen name, I chose the family name of my grandma but kept my real given name.

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