So, basically every religion has a clear “point of explosion”, when the religion took off. A harder question to answer is how did that happen. For Judaism it was mass migration out of Israel and into Europe and other countries. For Islam it was the rapid conquering of foreign lands. For Buddhism it was through the story behind the Buddha, and the elegance of him, and for Hinduism it was just the religion of a small population that grew huge, expanding the religion with it. So that begs the question, how did the most popular religion on Earth get its start? Jesus wasn’t a military commander, nor was the religion even popular during his lifetime. Was it just merchants that frequented the area spreading it back to Europe, it maybe was it something like Judaism where there was a mass migration into the population centers of the world. Feel free to answer and don’t be afraid to announce my stupidity if there’s something I’m completely missing.

Source: reddit post

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