This question popped into my head after reading the well-researched answers in Shoutout to u/Georgy_K_Zhukov for that.

It’s clear that the American government worked hard to provide humane, sanitary, and decent conditions for German POWs. I know that the government had similar intentions for interned Americans of Japanese descent. I’m curious if internment camps were comparable in conditions and amenities to POW camps, aside from the obvious differences on account of interning women and children together with men.

Some corollaries to this question: + How did working expectations differ in these two types of camps? + How did living accommodations and rations differ? Did camp overseers provide for culturally relevant foods? + Administratively, who oversaw POW camps and internment camps? Did they roll up to the same administration/department? + How did camp hierarchy/internee leadership differ?

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