I recently learned (just a tad) about the siege of Cusco during the Spanish conquest of the Inca Empire. To my knowledge, the events followed as such: Manco, the Inca emperor who decided to rebel against the Spanish, assembled 100,000 to 200,000 Inca warriors to storm the city of Cusco and defeat, at least partially, the Spanish conquistadors. They quickly took all of the city minus two buildings in the main square to which the conquistadors had retreated to. This battle then turned into a siege that lasted for 10 months.

My question is how is that possible? How did (taking the low number) 100,000 warriors, even if poorly equipped comparatively, not have the ability to storm these two buildings and kill 190 conquistadors? I would imagine that the two buildings would have been completely surrounded so that supply lines were cut off from the conquistadors. Where did they get food and water from to survive for so long? The level of knowledge that I have about this event just doesn't seem to add up and I feel like there must be something that I'm missing.

Source: reddit post

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