My current story violates two rules I view as crucial to good writing:

1) For a story to be interesting, the main character has to have a goal.

2) Let your story begin right when the action starts. Let it begin with a problem that has to be solved.

A very short summary: I follow the story of my main character chronologically. She dies and gets transferred to some sort of simulated afterlife in which you can completely simulate your experiences. I deal with the workings of this simulation and what humans make of it. I'm also keeping her nebulos to enable me to write an antagonistic drift to her character in the end – when she finally finds her motivations, which are quite destructive.

Ultimately, writing her character from such a distance might be the most difficult. The interest of a reader might not really thrive on a character kept an arms length away.

I have two other major characters (a friend & a lover) and I've tried to bring suspense and direction into my writing with their motivations and their development. But this still leaves me with chapters that only discover this fictional universe, without any direction to it.

How would you solve it? How can I spark the readers interest with such a character?

Source: reddit post

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