So I'm writing a book that's intended for a Middle Grade audience. I have the main character, Henry, go on a journey to rescue his parents, who have been kidnapped by an evil Sorcerer.

However, I can't think of a way to end the thing. The thing is, I want Henry to be the one to defeat the Sorcerer. I suppose I could have his friend, a unicorn, do it, but grownups defeating the bad guy is just no fun, even if she is a unicorn. However, the only way I can think of to defeat the sorcerer is for Henry to sneak up behind him and stab him. Not exactly kid-friendly.

The only other thing I can think of is to establish through description that he's not exactly human anymore – gray skin, horns, stuff like that. And to make him turn to dark magic when he dies. But can anyone think of another way to defeat him that's kid-friendly, yet not something like "trap him in an amulet" (which is a bit too Deus ex Machina for my tastes)?

Edit: Oh my gosh, thank you for all the replies guys! Seriously, thank you. I now have a few good ideas of different directions I can go.

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