I am writing a story that is kind of fantasy/dystopian but not really. It takes place in a city that has been destroyed in a war and then completely abandoned by the outside world. Around 40 years prior to the story people started moving there again. People who wanted to get away from our regular society. So its pretty much anarchy there, with some street gangs euling and keeping peace. the morals are a little different, as a lot of people who moved there were cool with drugs, prostitution and gambling so all of this is kind of normalized there. But other than that, technology and people are pretty much regular, so is the city.

The problem is, I need to set all of this up and I‘d hate to do it by constant „there was a junkie on the bench, which didnt surprise me as almost everyone in this city does heroin“ comments in the narration. I love very subtle world building, something that Game of Thrones does very well imo. But Game of thrones also has an everyday life you can read about, its filled with castles and training and medieval stuff. Noone wants to read about a guy going to work in a shop, going home to prepare dinner, going for a drink with his friends. Or do they? Is it possible/recommended to establish the world during the plot?

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