I'm working on a story (mostly in my mind though because I procrastinate on writing), and I'm worried that my main character isn't that interesting. And I'm wondering how to make him more interesting and whatnot.

My character is a teenager who, upon being murdered, merges with a sentient energy being, and they both get sent to a fantasy world (that I designed to both follow fantasy cliches and break away from them), and the teenager and energy being are now the most powerful thing in that universe. And the main character wants to be a superhero with these new powers (and the energy being is cool with this), as the country he finds himself in is being invaded by an evil overlord-type character. The main character works hard to defeat the overlord's army and helps people, while enjoying being a hero, following hero cliches like not killing because it's wrong.

But as the story progresses, the main character realizes that the overlord is a person who fights for equal rights of all races, who wants to remove the corrupt government. And because the main character completely destroyed the 'overlord's' army because they were 'bad guys,' the main character's emotionally destroyed and with some prodding by the energy being, decides to take over the planet himself, to give everyone a paradise, where no one is treated unequally.

I find the idea of the character changing from a idealistic hero, to a ruler who is tired of conflict and wants what's best for everyone interesting, but I'm not sure how interesting the first part of the story would be. The main character would be incredibly powerful, to the point where nothing is really a challenge (except for certain situations), but enjoys not using his full powers at times because he likes the thrill of fighting powerful creatures. A lot of the story would focus on his relationships with various creatures on the planet, and adventures he'd have with them. And the biggest relationship would be between the main character and the energy being he's sharing a body with, I'm not sure what their relationship would turn out to be like. Definitely not romantic or anything, but maybe more like very close friends who rely on each other greatly.

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If you have any suggestions on how to make my character more interesting, I'd be glad to hear them.

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