I have just gotten around to planning the characters for my story. I have gotten the way I want the main character to be down. The thing is, my ideas about them feel… flat. There's nothing about them that would say Hey! this is a really interesting character! They just feel like they are there because I need a POV. Here are some short descriptions about them:

Character One: Name: John Falwener Astend 19 years old, Man, Medium height, brown hair and eyes. Profession: Heir of a noble family of low rank. Passions: reading, math, philosophy, managing the states of your family. Outstanding /positive qualities: passionate, empathic,
Skills / knowledge: swordfighting, using the bow, administration, cooking, riding, agriculture, mathematics. Ambitions: Expand and wall the towns of his territory so that they are more protected. Negative qualities: no experience with politics politics, not very good in combat, had a sheltered life, too pasionate sometimes, gets overwhelmed easily. Secrets: N / A The only child of a family of minor nobles. He lived with his parents in their small estate until he was sent to study in a university. He and his family have lived a relatively quiet and humble life.

Character Two Name: Valier Salvaria Desdia 26 years old, woman, tall, eyes and brown hairs. Profession: Heir to her father's kingdom Passions: mock fighting, gardening, history, reading, hunting, justice, challenging situations. outstanding / positive qualities: good at hard sciences, very good at fighting, very good general, capable leader, perseverance, disciplined. Skills / knowledge: riding, law, fighting with sword, fighting with bow and arrow, logistics, good memory, good at economics, good to adapting to strange circumstances. Ambitions: To expand her kingdom and crush the nobility Negative qualities: Bad in diplomacy, does not know how to "read" people, is very cold with people around her, tends to bite more than she can chew. Secrets: She deeply dislikes the nobility, but works with them out of necessity. Eldest daughter of King Valden III, who centralized the power of the kingdom and is the most absolutist of the kings of the Rio Mayor. Valden III uses his powerful personal army as his main support, although his economic policies and devotion to justice give great stability to his kingdom. Valier is the second in command of the kingdom, and very similar to his father.

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