Hello guys! I've recently become really interested in writing more but my technique definitely needs some work… 😀 I've read that the best way to write is to let out the words that want to come out in the moment and to leave editing for later but I really struggle with that. If I don't constantly evaluate whether or not what I'm writing is good and important for my plot I will start going off on tangents, losing sight of what I'm actually supposed to be writing.

For example, I just started writing a chapter for a story, having planned out loosely how things should go down, feeling pretty good about everything. And I started off great too, describing the circumstances and the sceneries like I wanted to….. And then, somehow, I went on for three paragraphs about the life of a random bearded guy with a big black dog, visiting the marketplace. Oh he lives near the harbor in an old blue house, always buys the same stuff from the market. And AH, did I tell you, he makes soap by himself and (wait, let me Google how to make soap from scratch) buys the occasional bucket of lye for his mix, mhm. And besides doing that (Googles some more) he uses deer fat from the deer he hunts down as an ingredient for his damn soap. What a man. A renaissance man. That's that guy for you! Now let me introduce the main character. 8)

And then sometimes I'll accidentally turn my attempt at fiction into an essay or an angsty tirade, failing to remain in my unbiased narrator's boots.

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I've tried making more detailed plans but I still end up going about it like this. I'm not in control at all. And I know it's not good to spend too much time on drafts but that has been the only way I've been able to write things I feel are actually helpful for my purpose. Yet, when I do that I get tired after just a couple of paragraphs and feel discouraged for days.

I bet a lot of people can relate. What do you think might be the cause for you? Is it just about personality or something else? Trouble concentrating? Is it resistance? Fear? Maybe I'm scared of getting to the real important stuff because I'll end up disappointing myself. Maybe I just have to keep writing to learn and get over the problems. (::

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