The premise of my story: A group of land surveyors start on their first full-scale expedition: mapping the (fictional) Cassadaga Mountains. The two main characters are young adults, each one eager to explore and to prove themselves. The expedition team grow close throughout the story as they endure the trials of life in the wilderness and work to create the first comprehensive map of the area, which will ensure its protection.

I'm considering including some sort of adversary for my team– some sort of corporation, probably, that's trying to take over the land to use it for profit. The team would have to map the land and secure its official protection as wild land before the corporation's surveyors claim it for themselves. I feel like that might make their mission feel more important– there's more to lose if they fail, but I don't want to include an enemy just for the sake of making my characters look like heroes. I also want to make sure there's a decent amount of focus on the characters as they grow, and that it's not jsut good vs. evil. I'm just not sure if the mission itself is enough of an obstacle to be an engaging plot, or if some sort of tangible enemy would make it feel more worth reading.

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