Context: Eliza is a gifted runaway girl from abusive parents. One day, she got transported to a fantasy world. She met with another main character. Gregory, a young courier/paladin who was raised in a religious institution as a child and was suppressed of his ambition to become an adventurer and become a legend.he took an instant liking of her and together they form an adventuring party along with Silver Sonya and Andus Grenwood.

Right now, I'm not sure if I should write my story in separate volumes or not, but at least earlier on, I was planning on them going on adventures and doing quests and generally goofing around, there's a somewhat comedic element in it but overall it's about fighting.

Later on, I was planning on there to be a reveal of a man known as "The Salamander", whom one of the main characters, Silver Sonya was hunting for a long time now. He's one of the most powerful people in the underground world, referred by many as "The shadow emperor" since his authority is almost equivalent to the continent's empire's emperor. He secretly had a connection with a reclusive pontiff of the holy city, whom he in reality worked was the right-hand man of. All the while, the pontiff began to launch an aggressive inquisitorial campaign on nearby kingdoms with the militia he had been secretly building, with his end game being to spread his power and take over the kingdoms and the empire itself

The trouble is, the story that is directionless and lighthearted at first and then serious and has a story arc, I feel, would not work in the written form of literature. I've seen this with TV shows, Anime, Manga (for example: HunterxHunter, Hitman Reborn, Adventure Time) do this but not an actual book

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