How do we grow as non-Fiction writers?


Hello r/writing,

I am having a bit of trouble related to my writing goals and ambitions and was wondering if any of the good people here have had similar problems. I am an adult student just now finishing my degree in Political Science. I have only about 10 weeks left of my final semester. My writing, I would say, is so-so. My papers receive high marks but my problem is this: How do I grow as a nonfiction writer?

I would love to pursue a career in political journalism, or feature and opinion writing about politics but I cannot find resources to help me develop a marketable style. Where do I look? How do I grow? Has anyone else had similar problems, and how did you overcome them? I think I have a good idea of who to market my writing to. Mostly internet resources, blogs and digital news sights. But; even here I feel a bit lost and overwhelmed. I feel that fiction writers and story craft gets the real focus when it comes to writer development and feel a bit lost at sea trying to start a writing career.

Thanks for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from any interested parties!

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