This is something that's a relatively new phenomenon to me. I've been writing a lot more lately, almost one thousand words a day. As my schedule clears up, I'm getting a lot more time to write than I had before. The problem is that with the amount of time available to myself, I constantly feel guilty whenever I'm not writing. It feels like I have this obligation to spend all of my free time writing, and if I don't, I have reason to feel disappointed about myself at the end of each day.

Ironically enough, having more time available hasn't helped me write more. I'm spending more time procrastinating on reddit than doing anything productive. I tell myself "it'll only be a minute" and then two hours pass by since nothing actually stops me. I prevent myself from watching movies or playing games with friends, all under the pretense of "I don't have time for that, I should be writing", despite not doing anything more than what I've currently done.

Since writing is a bit of a lifestyle, with no set rule of when and how to write, how do you involve leisure when you want to revolve your life around writing? Where's the leeway supposed to be when it comes to balancing regular life and trying to write as a career?

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