I'm currently considering adding a subplot to my current story; instead of my protagonist going on her journey alone, she's going with her lover, and perhaps to add conflict, there's a third and unapproving 'Overseer' type character that I could flesh out and tag with them. The subplot would be about them slowly becoming comfortable with being in a relationship as opposed to them falling alove.

Thing is, I don't know why I wanna include this subplot. I don't really know what it adds to the story, but the story feel like it'd be hollow and incomplete without it, so now I'm thinking about other subplots I can include, and I'm wondering how I can draw the line between what adds to the story and what distracts from it.

Surely I can't have a subplot for every little desire the main character has? Should I give every major character their own little subplot so they all have a character arc?

Maybe that's how I should start. I'll give the protagonist and the antagonist their own subplots, and any major characters that spring out from those subplots – like that 'Overseer' character – could then get their own subplots as well, but even that could spiral out unnecessarily.

I'm gonna mess around with my outline's structure a little bit, but in the meantime, I'm curious of what you guys think.

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