So I've been wondering how you all keep track of the changes in your drafts. Do you just have a single draft where you make all the changes? Do you have any backups online and how regularly you update them and also how you make changes across multiple drafts. I've been really having a problem because I use atomic scribbler (basically free scrivner) to write in and store the full draft in a word file for ease of access so I can find full chapters easily. But sometimes I make tiny changes in the atomic scribbler file which I forget to make in the Word version and vice versa. So some details are different here and some there. How do you recommend I solve this? Plus, I have a online onedrive backup which I update the same way as my word file and I checked their word counts today and there is a six word discrepancy somewhere and I don't feel like going through 40K words to find them. Any easy way to solve this? Thanks.

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