Yes, please put the reference to a sub-par Disney movie aside, one plot point I have for my book is that this one character went on a campaign I call the "Death of the Gods". Her motivations being that she is an ancient vampire that wants to eradicate religion from the world. SO! The basics to her endeavors is that it started with the Greek gods, then the Roman (yes I know many were the same, essentially, but in this I am treating them as separate entities), the Egyptian etc…etc…etc… One idea I had is that the aforementioned "gods" were just very powerful beings that, while supernatural and very powerful, were not the true creators of the world instead just making cults around them that exploited people in order to get various sacrifices and worship they found amusement in. In the this situation she would have to be either very cunning to outsmart them in a way which leaves them vulnerable or be just as powerful as these beings. At this point I like that idea, because to me one could not logically kill omnipotent legitimate gods in a believable way. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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