How do you make a fantasy novel more Adult and not so much Young Adult?


I've already written a fantasy novel and it has two POV characters, a male and female (they alternate chapters). The male is 27 years old and is very rough around the edges, so his chapters are quite clearly adult chapters. My female (her name is Honey) is 17 years old, and while mature for her age, I feel like her chapters, just based on how old she is, come off as making the book more YA than adult (unlike my male, Honey is very sheltered and PG about things, which is an important part of her character and interactions with the male lead). It's not that I have anything against YA, it's just that I plan for this to be a series, and as the books continue, the content gets darker and darker, and there are quite a few things in this first book that wouldn't commonly be in a YA novel, but then there are also things that I read and think, hm… So, what are some things I can look for in my Honey chapters to make sure the book is coming off as made for adults and not young adults?

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