*oops title should say “them.” Apparently I am uneducated.

In my story, some of the characters are essentially middle school dropouts, while most of the other people around them at least finished high school, or are further educated. The dropout characters aren’t “dumb,” just forced to leave school to work and make a living. Now, I want to present that distinction realistically, and some of its already evident based on their socioeconomic status, job opportunities, etc. But what would you expect in terms of how an uneducated person interacts with other people and their world? It’s not like my characters need to be discussing the Iliad or astrophysics, so they don’t need to attain a super high level of knowledge. But at the same time, I don’t want to make them sound artificially dumb by throwing in unnecessary grammatical errors or obliviousness to things. So, how do I present an uneducated character realistically, or maybe more importantly, is it even necessary to think this much about it?

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