I've been asked by an agent to write a "detailed synopsis" of my story. He loved my letter and opening pages, but wants to see a synopsis along with the manuscript.

So I went to my garden and dug up a few roots, but apparently these things don't grow outside. Which means I'm now doing it the old-fashioned way- writing one out.

How "hooky" does this thing have to be? My story is funny and emotional and has lots of cool fantasy places. Is my synopsis supposed to be like that too? I'm kinda floundering here, and all help would be appreciated guys.

I'm posting the first para of my work-in-progress synopsis below. Please tell me if I'm doing this right or not. Thank you all.

Dev’s severe memory loss means he can’t remember who he is. Or why he’s in a travelling tower home to sentient blankets and pretentious plants, and one very pissed-off eagle who’s already sick of him. As if that wasn’t enough, the place is also full of ghosts. There’s the terrifying white women who are luring him deep inside the tower with the promise of his old memories, and there’s the strange, broken boy who keeps telling him it’s a terrible idea to follow them in.

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