How long did medieval pitch battles usually last (early and high period)


Hey guys,

a couple of weeks ago I saw a post by a guy on here, who was asking how retreating worked in the ancient times.

Now I was wondering, how long did medieval battles usually last. I'm pretty sure it has nothing to do with the battles shown in hollywood movies (e.g. Braveheart, where people swing swords, hit armor and cut through limbs without a problem).

Especially the fact that a lot of armies were composed of levy troops, so I'm assuming the following things about them, please correct me if I'm wrong:

– only very few troops had training, military expertise and knew how to fight

– morale was generally low, as you were fighting wars for your feudal lord/king

– fighting one on one, or against muliple enemies, especially in close quarters is very tiring business, so once you used your weapon for more than lets say 1 hour, you would become very tired and morale would lower even more. (Of course depending on the whole status of the battle).

– the equipment of most drafted (levy) soldiers would be of very poor quality

Like I said, I'm only assuming those bulletpoints, I haven't read enough sources about the period but I'm very interested to hear your guys qualified opinions.

So my questions: How long did a medieval early and highperiod pitch battle usually last.

Thanks for all your input! 🙂

Source: reddit post


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