How long to keep a major plot point hidden


I am attempting to write a novel about a person who gets transported to a computer game style fantasy world full of magic and dragons etc who later finds out that the planet that they are on is earth several thousand years later after their mind has been trapped in a computer system for years. (It sounds a bit stupid when I'm summing it up like that but I have a bit of a unique twist on it which I'm hoping works out!).

At what percentage of the way through do you feel that this should be revealed?

I don't want to do it too early as I want it to be a bit of a surprise and the majority of the story should be the main character exploring the world but I also can't begin the main part of the story until the main character discovers the truth and I don't want to rush this part at the end. I plan to drop small hints throughout that it isn't a fantasy world and is in fact just very advanced science.

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