The main character of the book I'm aspiring to write is named Claudia, she is around 12-13 with bright pink dyed hair.

Now, her hair isn't dyed just because I thought it would make her stand out more. It has relevance to the story and her overall character growth.

Basically, it reminds her of a loved one, and she's afraid of letting it fade out. So she keeps dyeing her hair pink again whenever it starts to fade.

I don't plan to keep her pink hair forever. If this book really does take off, I plan on letting her hair go back to the original color either near the end of the book, or early in the sequel. Letting the dye fade out is supposed to be an important milestone for her, and overall an important aspect of the first book.

I just wanted to know if this was too much. She's not the only protagonist, but the main story overall revolves around her. The other protagonists all have their natural hair colors, no dye whatsoever.

The thing I'm worried about is that this will seem like a cheap attempt at making Claudia as a character seem more interesting, and make it seem like lazy writing instead.

I'm also a little scared that this'll kinda throw off potential readers. It's supposed to be a fantasy novel, but I'm afraid that the idea of a twelve year old girl with bright pink hair might throw off potential readers into thinking that it's a series targeted towards young girls, when the whole thing with Claudia's hair is only supposed to be a sub-plot.

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Am I reading too much into this? Maybe I am, but I feel that some advice on the matter would benefit anyway. What do you think?

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