By this, i include the times when there was gunpowder but cold weapons were still prevalent, for instance in the 15th century. I am also asking mainly about Europe but i guess that cold weapon warfare was pretty similar across the globe, so asnwers about other parts of the world are welcome.

I have been watching YouTube videos on subject of cold/non gunpowder ranged weapons and Skallagrim says that the easiest weapon for a newbie would be a spear, or a mace combined with a shield. He indicates that other weapons are much harder to get hold of. So this raises the question, how long would it take for me (and i haven't ever trained with a cold weapon, although tbf neither have i with a gun) to get a good grasp of it? More specifically, how much would i have to train to not make myself look like a fool during battle? For instance, how long would i have to practise till i have mastered said "novice" weapons to a degree which would allow me to take place amongst foot soldiers in a medieval battle? What about more advanced weaponry?

Sorry for bad English 😒

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