In my story the main character is raised by a woman who’s treated him with extreme kindness and understanding. She’s done her best to make him feel no different than anyone else (he has a speech impediment) and has tried to instill good values into him.

His mom died when he was very young (his father later on via injuries from a fight) and he feels bad never having really known her. He also feels immense guilt over the thought that he’s “replacing her” with his adoptive mom.

While we learn what kind of person his adoptive mom is (she does truly care for him deeply) we know next to nothing about his birth mom.

I was thinking about having him talk to her grave and discuss several things. Like his newfound love (for the other main character) and what he wants to do with his life.

I’m having some trouble trying to execute it well enough so that we get a sense of how he feels. I want it to strike the right chord you know? Any thoughts?

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