Hello everyone! I’ve had this thought ever since I’ve started playing guitar and haven’t seen anyone ask about it on here yet so I thought I’d go ahead and ask. First, I’d like to give you all some background about myself as well as some specifics, just to make sure I’m thorough and the question is understood.

I’ve had an interest in creative writing since before I was in high school, and whenever I was assigned a creative writing project I’d always be very happy to see what story I’d come up with. So I’d say I enjoy creative writing more so than the average joe. I’ve had plenty of ideas for stories (who hasn’t though…) that I’ve begun working on but quit after realizing I didn’t like the actual story, instead I only liked the thought of it, and that I could never probably write it as well as I think of it (or how it gets played out) in my head. However, I still have that desire to create something, even if I don’t have the discipline or experience to sit down and write a novel that I would be happy with. So I had the idea of conveying my stories through another medium — music.

I started self teaching myself guitar about a year and a half ago right before my final year of high school. I’m far from “great” but I’m really happy with my progress up to now. For the past two or three months I’ve really been getting into music production and writing my own songs. I don’t think I will create something I really like and want to release to the world for a bit of time, so I’m looking to various inspirations in music. And thats where the concept album has caught my attention.

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Concept albums are very special to me. Some of my favorite albums are concept albums (2112, pretty much all of Coheed and Cambria’s discog, The Wall, and more…) and I thought to myself recently “why don’t I make a concept album?!”. However, by a concept I don’t mean a theme to an album such as “colors” but as a fully fledged story with characters, events, places, etc. Again, Coheed and Cambria is probably the main inspiration for this.

But this is where my problem lies.

How can I write a story that can be conveyed through music? How can I fit a book into an album?

Would I outline it the same as any other story? How do I develop characters, advance the story, do pretty much anything so that the listener can at least understand most of it? Should I let lyrics tell the story or have the instrumentation bear some of that burden in its place? How would you guys go about this? I’m still new to writing music, and haven’t done a lot in terms of creative writing aside from a few scrapped projects. Maybe I’m already trying too much for what I’m capable? I’m not sure, but I’m tired now and don’t want to babble anymore. Maybe this post was much longer than it needed to be…

But thank you to anyone who tries to help me understand this process better.

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