How technical writing is different from creative writing?


Technical writing aims to provide information about technology and gadgets. It is based on all the technological symmetries of the project, highlighting the methodical and scientific procedures, the accurate information is derived. When it comes to technical writing, it is only precise, there is no exaggeration of the topic, it’s only about providing the relevant information to the readers.

  • Technical writing comprises of the following terminologies:
  • A guide for hardware and software that discusses the product and service
  • A manual narrating about the installation of the product
  • A training manual that explains about the product

Creative writing aims to make the topic easy and innovative for readers. It focuses on the topics that the audience has a rare idea about while keeping it informative yet innovative. The creative writers use witty techniques to provide their reader with knowledge as well as fun at the same time.

  • Creative writing comprises of following terminologies:
  • Expressing emotions in the form of a short story or poem
  • Thriller and mystery-solving stories that help the readers to open their senses
  • Explaining about the latest news in a detailed and informational way

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