My character is the last surviving memeber of one of the most powerful family in his world. His family is like the Rothschild if all conspiracies were true. He is so handsome that God's would damn themselves for him and third smartest person in the world. He is a selfish superhero in the sense that He became a superhero as it could help him in his political career. His head is completely fucked though he hides it really well. He is very cynical in the sense that he believes that the world owes him nothing and that he owes the world nothing. He is a social chameleon in the sense that he quickly assesses a person and become the type of man that person would like. Due to this he is very charming and charismatic while also being very lonely. Afterall he has no one to be real with. He has a huge ego AND a crippling inferiority complex at same time in the sense that He believes he is better than everyone but still nothing compared to his mother who was smarter, cleverer more ruthless, more accomplished and a lot more respected. He is machiavalian. His huge ego causes him to regularly overestimate his own abilities. He then takes on more than he can handle but still refuses to share his problems and ask for help. The world he is in is becoming more and more chaotic by the day. He has a lot of allies and admirers but no friends or family and one he has end up dead because the world is going to hell. After love of his life dies he takes a blood oath that he will save the world by whatever means necessary because only he can( he can't and doesn't). He abandons little morals he had in attempt to save the world. Uses his friends as pawns and kills uncountable amount of people till the last moment of his life refusing to give up but fails and the world ends. I am also thinking that at one point he finally does defeat his rival but something happens and after her death her voice gets stuck in his head. Then she to argue with him in his head over everything. A quarter to a third of the story will be in head and how he is trying to rule the world and save it at same time while breaking all level and morals rules. As the story progresses his mental and emotional state degrades to point of schizophrenia while the noose tightens around his neck. His entire life al he wanted was to be universally adored like his mother but avoid the fate she suffered ( dying alone and scared) but fails and dies with his heart ripped out in freezing snow.

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The best way to understand his situation would be imagine a gorgeous 20 something Emperor sitting on a throne of lies with a bloody crown on his head. He is surrounded by graves of everyone he failed to save while a messenger gives him most terrible of news.

He is very competent but not competent enough to save the world when Reality itself is collapsing.

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