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My grandpa is 82 years old and he has a myriad of life stories that he tells all the time. I want to encourage him to write an autobiography (or maybe short story collection) as his life is fascinating! Not really looking for it to be published or anything fancy like that, but would love as a family keepsake.

Any tips/tricks/ideas? Should he just dictate stories and we can have someone else write it down? He knows how to type (slowly) and has a Chromebook.

Interesting Life Events:

  • Escaped North Korea as a young man with the majority of his family (left behind 2 older sisters who were already married at the time)
  • Grew up pretty poor and married my grandma (who was quite wealthy)
  • Was in the military and has quite a few achievements (was pretty high up and also met multiple former Korean Presidents with pictures to prove)
  • Immigrated to the US in his 40s with 4 kids
  • Owned and operated multiple small businesses, of which a majority failed (pizza shop, liquor store, clothing store)
  • He tells lots of funny stories about the wars he's fought in and in general life back in the day (he talks about riding the bus and how whenever there was a big hill everyone would have to get off and push the bus to the top of the hill and get back on lol I have no idea how much of his stories are true)
  • He also sometimes writes poems so any ideas to incorporate those would be awesome!

Any and all advice/help is appreciated. Thank you!

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