Where were you, or what were you doing when you realized you found what you truly loved to write? Whether it be horror, romance, poetry, nonfiction, or even manga. What was that driving point that stuck out to you and told you "yes, I want to write this for the rest of my life" and then… keep on writing to the present.

I have a love for writing but my drive, my determination, my fixation of what I choose to write about wavers and wanes until it just becomes a distant memory. It doesn't have the same outstanding love and passion days, months or even years later. I'll write paragraphs and hundreds of documents worth of content and then….just drop it. I lose interest and I move on. Sometimes I wonder if I'll stick with a passion enough to see something published. Maybe I'm doing something wrong. My closest friends they always complain about wanting to see more writing of mine, they like my ideas, my characters, and my plot. But I always find myself digging into a ditch and then I'm sitting there, cold and alone at the bottom of this damn ditch wondering if I should keep digging or just climb out and start on another hole.

So I was wanting to ask others on their take. What made you stick with your passion? What drives you to write what you do? I want to have that drive and passion but it never seems to stay for a long period of time, with what I create. I love to write but sometimes I wonder if it's even the right path for me.

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