Hello! Okay, so here's the thing:

My young protagonist is forced into action when his brother goes missing. As I have it so far, he never gets his sibling back (alive) and has to come to terms with not being able to make amends for being a shitty sibling.

But my question is this: Should I start my story with exposition on the relationship between the brothers – effectively beginning the story with a snippet from a few years before the inciting incident? I don't know if the reader would need an introduction to a character (and the state of his relationship with the protagonist) if he dies immediately and becomes a plot point.

Or should I gloss over all that and instead start the story when it really begins, sprinkling in a few regretful memories throughout so we meet the brother through the lense of the protagonist's emotional struggle?

Alternatively, does this all sound cheap and cliché, and I need to go back to the drawing board? ;D

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