Going back and forth non stop gets me nowhere, obviously, but I'm finding myself sometimes being paralyzed when it comes to connecting things together in my plot (even though they started off well connected when roughly planning).

I try to keep it simple, I do my best to not over plan either, I sometimes even just sit down and let it all come out and it most of the time im happy with the bits I do write.

The problem is, what I write sometimes (very often) ends up drifting away from my initial thoughts about the story or character. In turn, this often ruins a lot of what I had in mind for them in the story, their wants, their needs, and how it intertwines with other characters and the story.

I do my best to avoid getting stuck in the endless planning stage, and I hardly world build at all (I want to let that stuff come as it goes). So even if I'm keeping things as simple as possible, why is it that I keep running into walls after a few chapters written? The original plan always falls apart.

I'm assuming I'm not the only one this happens to. I could keep writing with the characters and plot all jumbled up, or I could trash it and restart another project (only to have the same thing probably happen again).

How do you guys deal with this? While I write I feel like im doing good, and then I sleep on it, think about it at work, and by the time I get home the next day I feel like none of it will work anymore.

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