My novel revolves around a band of caravan thieves getting pulled into a merchant revolution against the ancient royal families. I have done some light reading on the Russian and French revolutions. I am American so I know the story of our own Independence from the commie Red Coats. I listen to podcasts about the fall of the Roman Republic, but I am having trouble with how the peasant class gets riled up by the merchant class against the ancient royal families.

I feel in today's world it is hard for us to understand the concept of new vs old money. These merchant families have incredible wealth, but are kept out of the courts, high offices, and decision making for the city-state as a whole.

I have underlying problems brewing such as:

Slaves taking all the agricultural jobs

Soldiers getting their farms bought up by royal families

Large numbers of freeman and citizens moving to the cities in search of work

Royal Families being exempt from common laws

The Royal Families are in incredible debt from the last war with a neighboring city-state causing the royals to constantly increase taxes. The Merchant class became more powerful due to bailouts and the land they bought up from soldiers away in the conflict. Trade is exploding in wake of their victory over the neighboring city state, but the common man has seen none of the profits.

Any ideas on how rich merchants could rally you against the equally rich royal families?d

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