Hey, everyone.

I'm currently writing a story that will feature fast paced, magic based combat scenes where characters zip around at high speeds beating the shit out of each other and casting spells. I've never really written action like this before, but I'm wondering if ya'll have any advice.

In my story, the character don't shout spells to cast them or anything like that. Spells are casted mentally and be conjured from hands, feet, chest, mouth, etc. Rather than having different magic types, magic is more of a general ability with each character incorporating their own personal techniques into it.

That being said, during fast-paced action, I don't want this happening:

Bob casts

James casts

Bob casts

James casts

And so on. Essentially, I'm trying to avoid redundancy in how each action takes place. I guess I could use the word "conjure" as well, but I still feel there wouldn't be enough diversity in language. To summarize, I want combat to flow rather than be this blocky back and forth trading of actions.

Any other general advice on how to write fighting scenes is greatly appreciated. I searched the subreddit and didn't find anything this specific, so I'd appreciate some input.

Thank you!

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